Our Services

Our services are customizable to best fit your business needs. We offer a wide range of services including but not limited to the following: 

Stuck? Have a question you need answered or need a second opinion? Call our HR Help Desk to be connected to an HR professional. We can assist you with any HR questions you may have or assist you in a situation where an additional opinion is needed before a final decision is made. We are here whenever you need us whether the question is simple or complex!


We can provide guidance on which policies we believe your organization needs, help develop those policies and even implement them with your staff. We know that implementing new policies with staff members can sometimes be difficult so we will be available if any questions or issues arise.


Form I-9. Simple two page document or compliance headache? Government audits and fines continue to increase every year. Fines can range from $216 - $2,156 per form. We can conduct an internal Form I-9 audit to estimate the cost associated if you were to ever have a government audit. We can then work with you to get any Form I-9 errors corrected to mitigate your risk.


Are you a government contractor? Do you have 50 or more employees? If so, you should have an affirmative action plan in place. Affirmative action is intended to end the discriminatory disadvantages for women and minorities. We can help you create and implement your affirmative action plan to ensure your AAP is technically compliant.


There are many different types of personalities within the workplace. Each of these personalities can affect the environment at work, the collaboration between departments, and ultimately, whether or not the goals and objectives of the organization are met. We can help with any issues that may arise due to these differing personalities and help you have a comfortable and enjoyable work environment for all.


Employee handbooks are a powerful and valuable resource for employers and employees. They provide guidance and information about your organization. This can include policies, procedures, benefits, values and employment laws. We can work with you to create a handbook that is tailored to your organization and help you keep it up to date with the ever changing employment laws.


Performance management is not just an annual review, it is a continuous process of setting goals, assessing progress and providing on-going coaching and feedback throughout the year. The overall goal of performance management is to improve and promote employee effectiveness. We can help you create and implement performance management reviews and work with your management teams to ensure they are managing their staffs performance on a daily basis.


Salary and wage surveys are used to determine the average salary that is being paid to employees in their particular job and industry. By using these wage and salary surveys we can create a benchmark tool to determine if you are under or over paying your staff. These surveys are important because it can help your company stay competitive in the market. This can help you keep employees longer, reducing costly turnover.


Interviewing can be tough for both the interviewer and interviewee. We can provide you with guidelines on what to ask, what not to ask, how to rate candidates and a good timeline on when to provide candidates feedback, as getting back to a candidate in a timely fashion can help you secure them in a competitive market. We can also help create questions with you that are tailored to your organization and even help train management on a preferred interviewing style.